Elio Rota is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and vocalist making creative music in a variety of settings. His recording project Elio Rota and His Wind ‘em Up Swing Sizzlers play whimsical takes on retro jazz swing guitar, gypsy jazz/gospel and blues styles. The tracks are credited to a fictional band and producer, the lot of whom are, in reality, all of Elio’s alter egos collected in one place. The music is mostly instrumental but Rota does sing on two tracks. In fact, he wrote, recorded, and produced the entire self-titled debut album himself. 

Elio also recently recorded Riding On The Sun, an album of healing music that aims to touch the lost child we each carry inside. The record also revisits and revamps some of Rota’s older compositions, including “Crying,” which is done with a Middle-Eastern influence not found on his original version. The tracks are all Rota originals except for “Autumn,” written by Dan Hartman of The Edgar Winter Group. 

All of this musicality is no surprise, considering Elio has been playing since the age of five and is skilled on drums, guitar, accordion, and keyboards. He has written music for TV, dance, and theater productions, written for other artists, performed with The Mantravani Orchestra with Jerry Des Voignes, and has released ambient music under the name Kaeandra that was commercially successful. Elio Rota is a lifelong performing and recording artist who is now reaching a new stage of his career, one that will see him back onstage and making music for TV and film in the near future. Anyone seeking a truly innovative and original musician would do well to give him a serious listen.