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Mother Earth 911

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I can’t free the water
I can’t free the poison that you’ve place upon me
The chains too heavy to bear
Eagle calls me higher
Raven takes me closer
My breath it clears the clouds
The sun shedding my past
Runnin’ feelin’ joy I am
The child that speaks to me
Castles in the clouds I ride
So who are you to take me down, so low
The final curtain draws near
No applause for those who drain me
Of life I give to you
The animals fade away
Fade me fade me to the unknown
The lion he roars no more
Elephants their families torn
And who are you to take them down, forever gone
Free will has been broken
For what goes around comes around
Is that what you want?
Your children to laugh no more
I bring no doom and gloom here
The way is clear with choices
But the truth is hard to hear
What will you choose?

Feb 2019-02-28
Elio Rota